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What is happiness?

Join filmmaker Solveig on her search for happiness and self-acceptance through the lives of her two contrasting sisters.

"My little sister's name is Silja and she has a rare syndrome and a developmental disability. She has taught me how to be true to myself."

"I, the middle sister, have an idea of where I want to go, but I hold myself back. I'm afraid of not being good enough."

"My eldest sister Synnøve takes her place. Before, I thought this was a negative thing. Now I see that this is how it should be done."

Development Teaser

The visual material is a development teaser to express the concept of the project and how the director is drawn to both her sister's lives and what they represent in her own life.

Silja Årdal i Søskenblikk


Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a congenital, genetic condition characterized by reduced muscle tone and feeding difficulties in infancy. During the childhood years, it can change to overeating. Varying degrees of developmental disability and/or learning difficulties are common.

Looking at the present

Who I am

There's so much noise

People going back and forth

Without a final destination

Always on the move

Never still


The mountain is still


In the mountains lies a part of me

Waiting to reunite

with the part that left

and never looked back


In the mountains lies the solution

The solution to me

The person I was

The one I was supposed to be

The one I am

- Solveig

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