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Paths of life

Right now it feels like I'm climbing. Holding on as good as I can, shaking and moving slowly. I wonder how Synnøve feels about her path in life. If she just goes for it not looking back. Or if she shakes like me. I wonder if she asks herself the same questions. Where am I going? What do I want? What is the right path for me? At the same time I suspect that she has this one path in life. And she goes all in. While I am shaking, slowly moving forward, searching for the right direction.

Silja has her path set out for her. She can choose other paths. But there is less to it, she can just follow the arrows leading her forward. The path is thoroughly planned for her. I have to find new paths through the woods. Always questioning myself.

Should I just the same path as Silja? Just followed the arrows? It would have made it so much easier. . Not thinking about where to go, just mindlessly walking.

But that doesn't feel right either. I guess it's hard either way. It scares me not knowing the direction, at the same time it excites me. I guess you don't know anything before you have chosen your path, and walked it.

- Solveig


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