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Staring Sisters is a documentary project about the sisters Silja, Solveig and Synnøve seen from filmmaker Solveig's perspective. Through the sisters' contrasting lives, she wants to explore what gives us happiness, in the search for balance and self-acceptance.

Lives on Stranda
Works in an organized workplace
Prader Willis syndrome, spends much time on most things

Have puzzled 2000 pieces

Lives in Ålesund
Works as a filmmaker

Slow and restless

Lived in a mobile home for 1 year

Lives in Los Angeles
Works as a model
Efficient and doesn't like to wait

Shaken hands with Leonardo DiCaprio

"When you are young, you just have to go for it?"

 «I wanted so badly to live this exciting career life filled with culture and with like-minded people, but instead I experienced being depressed and burnt out. I constantly compared myself to others and felt that I was not enough. Then I thought of my youngest sister Silja with a developmental disability and a rare syndrome. She found joy in the little things, like candy on Saturday, the puzzle and the annual summer camp. She was happy? I saw my own life as more interesting and rich. Why wasn't I happy? At the same time, my eldest sister Synnøve was greeting Leonardo DiCaprio in Cannes, before she went on to LA to work as model.» - Solveig 

Join Solveig and the sisters in a personal, funny and honest film about finding your place in life.

"I have never doubted. My siblings are unique. But seeing myself as unique?

That´s difficult.”

- Solveig

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